New VCK service provision from December 1st 2018

December 1st will see the start of the VCK service provision, as agreed under the recently updated contract.

As a traveller booking a trip, you will in principle notice little of the changes in the service.

A service matrix and an information sheet VCK TravelĀ  can be found on the 3W website (, with further information on the changes in procedures.

Important points:

New travel request form
VCK will be activating a new travel application form, from December 15th 2018. This form is ONLY for those NOT YET connected to TEM. If you have used TEM before, you can book a trip online or request a quote via the usual channel. If you are working at a foreign MISSION (posting), you will also need to use the NEW travel application form, from December 15th. Until this date, the current application procedure applies.

VCK - Request Travel Form

Ticket delivery
Unless communicated otherwise, the ticket will be issued on the date stated in the confirmation. No extra reminder will be sent.

Cancellation and changes
VCK will indicate the final date of delivery of the ticket in the travel confirmation. Until that date, you can cancel and make changes to your booking, free of charge.

Compensation for delays
VCK Travel has entered into a partnership with EUclaim for the reimbursement of claims resulting from delays in business trips. Once the traveller has issued a proxy, a refund will be paid directly to the State . The procedural structure of the proxy statement will be finalized and implemented in the coming period.

For questions concerning VCK Travel services, please contact Bas de Rijk, Travel Manager 3W.