Diplomatic mail – separate shipment

Do you want to send documents and / or small-scale goods with a classification no higher than confidential to a diplomatic representation abroad?

Should the regular shipping schedule not fulfil your needs, there is the possibility of requesting a Diplomatic mail - Separate shipment (hereinafter: Separate shipment) from the Diplomatic Courier Service. A Separate shipment is usually sent by air freight, road freight and express delivery, just like a regular shipment.

This information is intended for

All users with authorization profile 2 and all BZ (Foreign Affairs) employees can request a separate shipment from the Diplomatic Courier Service. There are however additional conditions for BZ employees (to be found later in this text).

Are there specifications I need to be aware of?


Mail bags are used for the dispatch of Separate mail. For this reason, your mail item/package must respect the following conditions:

  • The longest side is a maximum of 60 cm
  • The sum of the length + width + height is a maximum of 120 cm
  • The weight is a maximum of 20 kg
  • For each request, the total volume of all packages together is a maximum of 500 L / 0.5 m3;
  • Formulas for calculating the volume of a package:
  • Number of liters = length x width x height in cm. / 1,000
  • Number of m3 = length x width x height in cm. / 1,000,000

Please note!
The shipment of fragile goods requiring the carrier to add protective packaging  and the shipment of larger volumes that do not meet the regular shipment conditions, are not covered by this service. See Cargo shipment services.

Should your shipment not include fragile goods and fit in a smaller package, then do make use of this option, to avoid the higher shipping costs of Cargo.


Exclusively for official mail and goods with a codification no higher than confidential which fulfil the following conditions:

  • No liquids.
  • No foodstuffs and / or other perishable products.
  • No excise duty bound goods.
  • No substances that have been classified as hazardous substances under the IATA regulations.
  • No documents, goods or substances whose possession or transport is prohibited by law in the Netherlands or in the country of destination, transit or departure.

How do I request a shipment?

You can request a separate shipment at the Diplomatic Courier service by filling in the form below.

The link below leads you to the Self Service Portal (SSP). You will arrive on a https page that is accessible if you are logged in to a government workstation (at home or at the office). You are known to us within the portal. You can check this by clicking on your profile at the top right. In this way you know your data is treated confidentially.

Please note!

Are you submitting an application for the shipment of goods? Then you must include in attachment a packing list (preferably in English) with your request. Do you have a packing slip or invoice from the supplier? Then you may also use it, provided that it contains the following information: Number; Description (for ICT products: Brand, Type and Serial number); and Value. An example of a packing list can be found on the governmental portal (Rijksportaal).

Goods that contain Lithium Metal and / or Lithium Ion batteries and fall under the IATA "Dangerous Goods Regulations", cannot be sent by regular shipment. For the shipping of these products, see the Cargo shipment service.

Additional documents may be required for customs formalities. Should this be the case, the Diplomatic courier service will contact you.

Additional conditions for Foreign Affairs (BZ) employees

A strict policy is applied with regard to the application for separate shipments at BZ. For this reason, requests must first be submitted to the Management Board of BZ via: DHF-NL@minbuza.nl with a clear explanation. Approval is only granted in cases where the shipment is of crucial (official) importance. The approval must be enclosed in attachment, with the request form for Separate shipment.

Where do I deliver my shipment?

After submitting the application, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail, including an order number. The shipment must be submitted to the Diplomatic courier service at the address below, stating this order number and providing a correct and complete address.

Diplomatieke Koeriersdienst
Diepenhorstlaan 20 (2e etage)
2288 EW  Rijswijk

Mail items and packages for regular shipments must be delivered no later than 12:00 on the day prior to the day of shipment.

Do you want to send by mail? Please address in this way:

Name of the Representation / location
Name of the employee
Postbus 12200
2500DD Den Haag

For shipment requests to the Netherlands (from abroad), please contact the Diplomatic Representation in the country from where the shipment will leave.

Diplomatic Mail Items from abroad sent via separate shipment, are forwarded by the Diplomatic Courier Service to the post room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The mailroom ensures further distribution and / or dispatch by postal carrier. Postal items for governmental agencies in the Haaglanden region, are dispatched with the Interdepartmental Postal and Courier Service (IPKD).

Items destined for governmental agencies can also be collected, if agreed in advance, by appointment, at the counter of the Diplomatic Courier Service.

Are there costs involved?

Yes, 3W will charge the budget holder for the costs of the external service provider.