Personal mail

Personal mail may, under certain conditions, be sent and received via the Diplomatic Courier Service. Shipment takes place according to the shipping schedule of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This information is intended for

Dutch government employees deployed abroad, and their family members.


The service Personal Mail includes:

  • Receptioning the personal mail to be dispatched
  • Registering the registered personal mail.
  • The insertion of personal mail in a regular Diplomatic Mail shipment for a Diplomatic representation abroad.

How do I request the sending of personal mail?

You do not need to apply for the receiving and sending of personal mail (which meets the requirements).

In which format do I deliver my mail?

Personal mail needs to meet the following conditions:

Packaging: The maximum dimensions allowed are 38 x 26.5 x 3.2 cm. (Dutch letterbox size)

Content: For more information, see the "Personal Mail Guidelines" on the governmental portal (Rijksportal).

Are there exceptions to the conditions?

Do you want to receive / send private mail that does not meet the set conditions?

Exceptions can be requested for specific categories of personal mail (for example medical). Such requests must be submitted in advance and with a clear explanation, to the Management Board of BZ via Approval is only granted if the shipment is considered of necessary importance. After receiving approval by DBV-HF, you must submit an application by sending an email to, attaching the DBV-HF approval in annex.

The "Guidelines Private Mail" can be consulted on the Government Portal.

Where do I drop off my mail?

Personal mail may only be sent by post to the Diplomatic Courier Service. It needs to be delivered before 12:00 on the day prior to shipping, in order to allow for enough processing time. Personal mail must be provided with a correct and complete addressing:

Name employee
Name Mission / City
Postbus 12200
2500 DD Den Haag

 It is no longer necessary to include a location code in the address. Do your clients still use a location code? These can still be used, as long as you are not in the transfer process. If you are in the transfer process, you are requested to inform us of the change of address following the model above.

The private post delivered for dispatch will be forwarded if it complies with the specified guidelines.

How do I submit exceptional personal mail?
After submitting the application, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail with an application number. Your mail must be sent to the Diplomatic Courier Service with this order number and with a complete address.

To request a shipment to the Netherlands (from abroad), please contact the Diplomatic Representation in the country from where the shipment must take place.

Personal mail sent to the Netherlands (from abroad) by Diplomatic Mail, must be sufficiently stamped. Once arrived at the Diplomatic Courier Service, the personal mail is forwarded to the post office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The mailroom is responsible for further mailing by postal carrier.


The link below will lead you to the Self Service Portal (SSP). You will arrive on an https page that is accessible if you are logged in to a government workstation (at home or at the office). You are known to us within the portal. You can check this by clicking on your profile at the top right. In this way you know your data is treated confidentially.

SSP - Vraagformulier Diplomatieke Koeriersdienst (SSP Question form Diplomatic Courier Service)

You can also ask your question by mailing:

Processing time

Personal mail is sent via regular shipment which leaves according to a predetermined schedule. You can find the shipping schedule on the governmental portal (Rijksportaal). A regular shipment takes on average a number of working days after shipment.

Are there costs involved for this service?

No costs are charged for this service. The shipments sent in the category exceptional personal mail may be charged for, depending on the volume and weight.