Renting chancelleries

The renting of chancelleries occurs based on the rental policy. The Housing and Real Estate Worldwide Department (DHF) assesses lease contracts and can provide support in drafting lease agreements *.

This information is intended for

This information is for expat staff and operational managers, working at a Dutch representation abroad.


DBV / HF, in consultation with the mission, and the relevant policy and regional management boards ensures that accommodation meets the needs of the primary process.

Depending on the amount of the contract obligation, the decision- making for the purchase, sale, lease or disposal of a chancellery lies with the head of DBV / HF, director of DBV or PSG.

The process of extending or renewing lease contracts is done via DHF. For new accommodation, DHF (commissioned by DBV / HF) supervises the selection, contract negotiations and any (re) construction. The post may not carry out renovation within the chancelleries without permission from DHF / DBV.

You can find information on the "decision-making process housing and real estate", on the governmental portal (Rijksportaal).


You can find more information on procedure, on the page: Housing and real estate guide.

Whether a rental contract needs to be extended or not needs to be looked into long before the rental contract expires. The DHF account manager is the point of contact for the missions.

Terms and conditions

The rental contracts of chancelleries are always made in accordance with local laws and regulations.

The biggest concern is to avoid the possible tax evasion of the property owner/leaser. Read the 'Compulsory instruction: Integrity and lease contracts' on the governmental portal.

Lead time

The processing time depends on the size, complexity, local circumstances, etc. and differs per product or service.


SSP- All questions relating to the rental of chancelleries and residences.

Example of a rental contract

You can find an example of a rental contract, in various languages, on the governmental portal (Rijksportaal), on page “Staff accommodation abroad” ( bottom right column).