Local employees

Where the legal status of current and former local employees is concerned, the Local Employees Group within 3W provides the head of mission with the tools they need to be a good employer and facilitates this together with the operational manager, who acts as front office.


A local employee is always hired on the basis of the mandatory locally applicable labor law.

You can find all information about the rules and regulations concerning local employees on the Dutch and English part of the Rijksportaal.

Some of the subjects are:

  • Advice on the application and implementation of Rrlok 2005
  • Administrative registration of local employees
  • Amendments to mission version for local employees
  • Evaluation of local jobs
  • Mission version
  • Open-ended contracts of employment for local employees
  • People Inc. loc.
  • Remittance of taxes and contributions
  • Salary adjustment for local employees
  • Salary scales
  • Supplementation schemes for local employees