In-house Emergency Service

A fire, a personal accident, evacuation or other incident: every employer aims to minimize them within their organization, however not all risks can be avoided.

This information is intended for

This in-house emergency service information is intended for officials posted at a Dutch representation abroad.


Every employer must ensure that an up-to-date, expert, in-house emergency service is in place. 3W willingly provides advice and support in this area.

Which in-house emergency service measures are necessary?

The Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RIE) is the starting point for determining which expert assistance in the field of emergency response is required. Depending on the nature, size, location of the Mission and the residual risks involved, one or more employees will need to be trained as in-house emergency service officers. This is also applicable if the emergency response team is organized together with other companies. Each emergency officer must be trained for one or more of the assistance tasks. The emergency response service as a whole must be able to perform all assistance tasks.

Written record

Each employer needs to record in writing the Emergency Response Plan and the measures that have been taken. This can be done in a simple and uniform manner in the form of a bundling of safety plans, to prepare and update the in-house emergency response plan / evacuation plan.

There are Missions however, where the local situation requires more detailed emergency information in the drawing up of the plan.

3W will willingly share their perspective in order to support and advise these Missions.

SSP Aanvraag BHV Opleiding & Training (Request Emergency plan education & training)