Communication with our clients

Our goal is to support you and enable you to take care of your own affairs. Are you stuck? Then we trust you will find us, so we can help you further.

How we help

  1. The product information on our website is clear, easy to find, up-to-date with clear target groups and a logical layout.
  2. Requests via the website are technically perfect and the forms are user friendly
  3. We are accessible and approachable for the clients needing assistance. For all products on the website, there is contact information (where possible direct).

Our positioning

3W is a government-wide SSO that falls under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At 3W, those working for the Dutch government can arrange everything they need in order to work, travel and live outside the Netherlands; for themselves, and for their family.

Our promise to our clients

Are you going to work, travel, or live abroad for the Dutch government? At 3W you can take care of everything, rapidly and easily via our website (

Our slogan

3W: Working for the Netherlands, WorldWide