List of 3W definitions

On this page you can find an explanation of the 3W jargon used.

Ambassador (CdP)

The Ambassador represents the interests of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in his assigned area. He is responsible for the management and organization of the Dutch Representation abroad (Article 10 RDBZ). In his daily duties at the Mission, he contributes to a de-compartmentalised and reinforced cooperation between officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the officials of other ministries working at the Mission/posting/Dutch Representation abroad (attachés).


This can be the client, a Client Contact Person or any user enabled to use this service.

Client Contact Person (KCP in Dutch)
The Client Contact Person is designated by the client (officials), and is authorized to submit applications for products and services. These include applications for basic or basic-plus services.


3W clients are the affiliated organizations that purchase services from 3W. This is recorded in a Service Agreement (DVA). Client is synonymous with Customer.


3W customers are the affiliated organizations that purchase services from 3W. This is recorded in a Service Agreement (DVA). Customer is synonymous with Client.

Complex large volume freight shipment

This is for the shipment of large volume goods, whose size or needed mode of transport necessitates a project leader to organize and supervise the process.

Crisis coordinator Foreign Missions

 This is the highest authority at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when it comes to classifying an area as a crisis area, and providing the resources and people needed.

DBZV 2007

The Foreign Affairs Department Allowance System 2007 (DBZV 2007) is a regulation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs containing rules regarding the granting of allowances and compensation for the extra costs endured in connection with the placement of an employee at a Foreign Mission.

Dutch Representation (see also Mission or posting)

Based on article 8, third paragraph, RDBZ, civil servants from another ministry can be sent to a representation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands abroad. Since 2002, other (government) bodies are also able to send employees.


Employees are those working at the affiliated organizations who can make use of the services for themselves and possibly for their partner. They can make applications and issue notifications. Employee is synonymous with user.


Eurocross is the organization contracted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which provides the necessary medical support for urgent medical repatriation.

GO (Georganiseerd Overleg)

Organized Consultation: is the meeting of the Associations of civil servants (trade unions) with the director (SG) to discuss employment conditions.

Hague Purchasing Cooperation (HIS)

The purchasing function of the HIS ( The Hague Purchasing Cooperation) serves three departments  in order to share knowledge and efficiency. A central purchasing organization also offers benefits to the client. By pooling knowledge and purchasing experience, it is possible to deploy the full available capacity. The purchasing activities and tenders from the Ministries BZK, FIN and VWS take place via HIS cooperation since January 1st 2012.

Instructing party

Highly authorized representative of the affiliated organizations. Here we must think of the level of deputy Secretary-General. Within BZ (Foreign Affairs) this can be mandated to a DG or top management

KCP (see Client Contact Person)

Location code list

This location code is used in addition to the address, in order to dispatch mail to the addressee or organization. All location codes can be found in the location code list.

Large volume shipment

Goods to be shipped whose large size/weight is such that they cannot be sent with a regular carrier.

Non-family posting

A posting where the civil servant is not accompanied by his/her family for various reasons

Organized Consultation (See GO)


An employee's partner is defined as the spouse, the registered partner, or the life partner with whom the unmarried official cohabits and runs a joint household on the basis of a notarial cohabitation contract.


 A Dutch representation can include: an embassy, ​​a consulate (-general) or a permanent representation. In this note, for the sake of brevity reference is made to a Posting. All representations are included. At the head are respectively an ambassador (or a temporary agent), a consul (general) or a permanent representative. In this note they are referred to as the Ambassador (CdP). There are more than 150 Dutch representations abroad. A Posting acts towards the outside world as a unit: there is one Dutch representation. This is expressed, among other things, in the way in which the various staff members working at a representation of the Kingdom are registered at the receiving state. A consular posting has a resort.

SA (DVA in Dutch) Service Agreement. The Service agreement between the client / department and the contractor / 3W fixed is for a year. The service provision includes a generic part and a specific part. The generic part describes what 3W stands for, the communication channels, the contact moments, the invoicing agreements and the escalation frameworks. The specific part is revised annually and includes the extent of the purchased services from the PDC; the quality criteria / service level and the prices.


Users are the employees working at the affiliated organizations who can make use of the services for themselves and possibly their partner. They can make applications and issue notifications. User is synonymous with employee.

The Facilities System for Homeland Affairs and Kingdom Relations (VU BZK) is a regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations concerning the provision of civil servants to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom