Mission and vision

The Shared Service Organization 3W has been supplying products and services since 2013,  supporting those who work, travel and live abroad for the Dutch government. In that short period, the organization has been successful in laying a firm foundation for the provision of a flexible and efficient service.


As a government-wide SSO, 3W provides services and advice to all deployed and local employees to facilitate working, living and traveling abroad, as well as the return to the Netherlands. In order to support the government-wide policy areas, 3W facilitates the citizen with regard to the legalization of documents for use in the Netherlands and abroad. We are a government-wide expertise centre for the Dutch international role, in which people are the central focus.


Our vision is for our customers to always be satisfied with our services. 3W offers a broad and coherent range of services through one counter. The services are easy to find, transparent and accessible through reliable information. We continuously improve our method and services.

3W provides the products and services to the ministries (including their implementing organizations) and to their employees who implement the Dutch government international position. The method of communication is tailored to the customers. We work digitally when possible, personally when necessary. 3W is the WorldWide working expertise centre for the Dutch government.


3W offers its services in a demand-oriented manner on the basis of a product and service catalogue which is periodically updated. This means that the customer's demand (ease of use for the customer) is central to determining the structure of the service process. The ambition is to offer, where possible, the service in its entirety

Standardization and customization
For efficiency sake, we work as much as possible with standard products and services. 3W is based on the adage 'standardize where possible, tailor-make where necessary'. On the one hand, it does justice to the advantages that standardization offers and on the other recognizes that there are different needs among our customers which require customization. Customization is always a possibility, but only on the basis of a quotation and brings additional costs for the customer.

Lean & Mean
The 3W organization is set up in a 'lean & mean' way, working from structured processes and maximizing the use of digital work processes and self-service.

Broad is best
The services are provided by the most suitable provider ('broad is best principle”). In most cases this is the back office of 3W itself, but if more efficient, other parties are called in. This can be other SSOs (including services from the Ministry of Defence) and also others parties in the market.

Trust based
3W wants to work on the basis of trust. By delivering good quality, in-line with the agreed conditions, 3W strives to earn the trust of its customers, and to keep it.

Quality of employees
The quality of the service we provide is also largely determined by the quality of 3W employees. 3W invests in its employees so that they have the right knowledge and can work optimally both internally and very importantly, in a customer-oriented way. A "healthy" 3W is crucial.

Collaborating for optimization & innovation
3W is always looking for ways to improve its services. With this in mind, it seeks maximum cooperation with other partners: the clients / customers and the suppliers (other SSOs and the market). By building sustainable relationships, we can look together at opportunities to optimize (improve) and to innovate (renew).

Financial Framework
 With regard to 3W finances and management, we operate along the basic principles of simplicity, transparency and minimal bureaucracy. A cost model is developed in consultation with all parties.

Core values

Context sensitivity
3W knows and understands the international context and its customers. 3W is therefore able to respond in an ideal way to the questions and needs of its customers in order to deliver the desired result.

3W is clear about what it has to offer, how it handles questions, fulfils its commitments and always acts with integrity.

3W is focused in its actions ( continuously striving to be more efficient and better) and solution-oriented. 3W always comes up with a solution/proposal - within the framework of the services of 3W - which the customer benefits from.