Returning to the Netherlands - information for foreign partners

Are you a foreign partner of an employee who is currently posted at a Dutch representation abroad, and are you planning to settle and reside with your partner in the Netherlands? Please note that in certain cases you need permission to reside in the Netherlands. To obtain this permission you must apply for a Provisional Residence Permit (Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf  (MVV)).

This information is intended for

Foreign partners of employees (including attachés and secondments) who are currently posted at a Dutch representation abroad and who will be posted in the Netherlands shortly under the ACRU.


This so-called Provisional Residence Permit (MVV) can be applied for if you are a citizen of a country for which a MVV is required. In this case, you need to fill out an application for the purpose of residing with family and relatives. For more information go to IND site.

Start preparing your application timely. Bear in mind that some of the documents you have to submit with the application may need to be requested from elsewhere and may require some extra processing time.

Mediation 3W

Once your application has been submitted, 3W can request the IND to process the already submitted application for you and any children via an abbreviated procedure.

Terms and conditions

  • Your partner is at this time posted to a mission and will soon be transferred to the department.
  • The MVV has been applied for and a case/v number has been issued.
  • The IND fees have been paid.


The MVV application is to be submitted by you (the foreign partner) at the Dutch representation (MVV-DIP application). For more information about the application procedure visit the IND site. Here you will also find the application form.

At least 8 weeks before departure and after you have paid the IND fees, your partner (the employee) must complete and submit the SSP form requesting 3W’s mediation with the IND. Fill in the IND case/v-number and attach the Ministry’s decision on being posted in the Netherlands. 3W will request the IND to apply the abbreviated procedure and will close the SSP.

Further follow-up and processing the application is the responsibility of the IND.


SSP - Abbreviated procedure MVV partner