3W privacy statement

3W treats your personal data with great care. Personal data is information that can be traced to an individual, such as names, postal addresses and email addresses. Any personal data that you provide will be used only for the purpose for which you submitted it. 3W receives or collects only the data it needs to provide its products and services. This privacy statement explains what data 3W gathers, why it collects this data and what it does with it. The statement applies to all products and services offered by 3W.

Who is responsible for processing your data?

3W processes your data in order to provide the products and services ministries have contracted it to provide. These are set out in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for each ministry. For a number of products and services, 3W uses third-party providers, who are responsible for processing data within their own organisations. 3W draws up data processing agreements with its clients and providers regarding the transfer of data in such cases.

What data does 3W process?

3W needs personal data in order to properly provide you with the products and services you need. In some cases, 3W asks you to provide your personal data by completing a form. Personal data can include your address, salary, bank account number, passport details, telephone number and email address.

Why does 3W process your personal data?

To provide products and services
These include: calculating foreign service allowances, paying expense claims, paying the salaries of locally engaged staff, assisting with international relocations, facilitating medical services, providing advice, finding accommodation, supplying and managing travel documents, carrying out legalisations, delivering internal diplomatic mail and handling requests for diplomatic clearance. Without your personal data, 3W cannot provide these products and services properly and on time.

To comply with legislation
In some cases, 3W is legally obliged to pass on your personal data to third parties. For example, if your data is required as part of a criminal investigation or if the competent authorities require it in connection with tax and social insurance payments.

To get in contact with you
Your data is collected when you contact 3W using digital forms on the 3W website or via Rijksportaal. However, these forms ask only for the data needed in order to respond to your question or to provide the product or service you need. The exact data collected depends on the type of query or product/service. We also use your data to ensure that the information you receive about our products and services is relevant to you.

To help with analysis
Your data is also collected so we can monitor our products and services and improve them. It is also used to help draft reports and policy. However, in such cases, your data will be aggregated, so that it cannot be traced back to you.  

On what basis does 3W process my data?

3W processes your data in order to provide the products and services set out in the 3W Products & Services Catalogue. The Products & Services Catalogue sets out the tasks that 3W’s ‘owner’ (the Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) has instructed it to carry out. The catalogue serves as a basis for agreements made with clients that are formalised in Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

How does 3W obtain your data?

3W only receives data that you provide, or data that your employer/our client provides on your behalf.

Who is your data shared with?

3W does not share personal data with companies, organisations and individuals outside 3W, except in the following cases:

With third parties (with your permission)
If necessary, 3W will share your information with third parties outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with a service or product. This includes: the removal company coordinating your international relocation, the service provider carrying out your medical assessment and vaccinations, the training centre providing your security training, course organisers, travel agencies organising official trips, diplomatic passport suppliers, visa issuing authorities (consulates), parties responsible for paying the salaries of locally engaged staff, and parties responsible for transporting diplomatic mail/freight. In such cases, 3W will only share personal data required for the provision of the product or service in question.

With your employer/client
3W will share your data with your employer if they ask for it. Ensuring the data is shared via a secure channel is a joint responsibility shared by 3W and your employer.

For legal reasons
3W will share personal data with external organisations if it believes that access, use, retention or publication of the data is reasonably necessary in the following circumstances:

  • to comply with applicable legislation, legal procedures or executable requests made by government bodies. These include the Tax and Customs Administration, the ABP Pension Fund, subdistrict courts and the health and safety service (Arbodienst);
  • to detect, prevent or otherwise combat fraud and technical or security-related problems;
  • to protect the rights, property and security of 3W, its customers and the public, as the law requires or permits.

How does 3W protect your data?

3W complies with the requirements set out in the Civil Service Information Security Baseline (BIR). In addition, 3W has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent the loss or unauthorised processing of personal data. Personal data that you provide via forms is encrypted during transmission and sent via a secure connection.

How long will your data be held?

3W adheres to the data retention periods laid down by law. 3W will not keep personal data any longer than necessary in order to carry out the task for which the data was provided.

What rights do you have?

Right to access your personal data
At all times you have the right to request access to your data held by 3W. You can do this by sending an email or letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Legal Affairs Department (DJZ). You will then be provided with an overview of your data.

The right to have your personal data deleted
If you no longer want 3W to hold your data, you have the right to have your data deleted. However, this may affect the payment of allowances or expenses, as well as other products and services that cannot be provided without your personal data.

Right to halt the use of your data (objection)
If you want 3W to stop using your data, you have the right to request this. However, this may affect the payment of allowances or expenses, as well as other products and services that cannot be provided without your personal data.

Right to have data transferred
If you require data that is currently held by 3W, because you are switching to another service provider or service, you have the right to have your data transferred. In such cases, 3W will transfer your data to the service provider.

You can exercise the rights set out above by emailing your request to djz-nr@minbuza.nl or by writing to:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Postbus 20061
2500 EB The Hague

Right to have your data rectified
If any of your data is inaccurate or out of date, you have the right to have it rectified by 3W. Please inform 3W by using the rectification form.

Right to submit a complaint
You have the right to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority if you believe that 3W has not handled your data appropriately. You can submit a complaint via this link.


We regularly check whether we are complying with our own privacy policy. We work together with the relevant ministries and, where necessary, with regulatory bodies, to resolve complaints or issues relating to the sharing of personal data that we cannot resolve directly with our users. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a data protection officer who monitors internal compliance with privacy legislation. You can contact the data protection officer by emailing vci@minbuza.nl or writing to the following address:

Data Protection Officer
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Postbus 20061
2500 EB The Hague