Finding information on our website

This website contains information related to 3W products and services. You can find information in various ways.

Search and find

Rapid search
Rapid search works by typing keywords from your request into the search field. As a result you will see the pages featuring the keywords from your search.

Searching by (work) situation
You can find 3W products and services sorted by (work) situation. 3W has selected information on issues you may encounter by specific work situation. Useful to ensure you cover all the aspects needed.

Searching by topic
On the Topic page you will find an overview of all 3W products and services, sorted by theme.

Applying for products and services

Only those working , or about to work, for the Dutch government abroad can submit an application at 3W, with the exception of the legalization of documents: this service is available to all. The application process is explained by service or product.

For each link to an application form, you will receive the following information:

“The link below leads you to the Self Service Portal (SSP). You will arrive on an https page that is accessible if you are logged in to a government workstation (at home or at the office). You are known to us within the portal. You can check this by clicking on your profile at the top right. In this way you know your data is treated confidentially.”

Under this text you will find the link leading to the relevant form.