Suggestion, complaint, compliment

3W strives for 100% customer satisfaction through taking into account our customers’ requirements and wishes and tailor-making our services to them. Do you, as customer, have suggestions for improvements or comments? Let us know.

Despite our best intentions and efforts it can happen that you are not satisfied. In most cases this will be solved in consultation between yourself and 3W. Should the solution not be to your satisfaction, you have the possibility of filing a formal complaint.

When can there be question of a formal complaint?

When you are not satisfied with the delivery of a product or service, or with the way you were treated. The starting point for submitting a formal complaint is that the person making the complaint and the person handling it, have discussed the matter and been unable to reach a solution.

Method of submission and handling

1. Complaint is received
A complaint is submitted to 3W stating the name of the customer (submitter), telephone number and a description of the complaint. You can use the form for this.

2. Complaint is registered / a complaint handler is assigned
A complaint is registered and the submitter receives, within 1 working day, a confirmation of receipt and the registration number of the complaint.

The service employee of 3W passes the complaint on to a handler who examines whether the complaint is justified. The handler ensures that the complaint is resolved within the agreed period. The complaints coordinator monitors the complaint handling and mediates between the submitter and handler if necessary.

3. The person having submitted the complaint is informed
The person handling the complaint will inform the submitter within 24 hours of the complaint having been filed, of the deadline within which the complaint will be handled.

4. Handling of the complaint
The person handling the complaint resolves the issue and informs the submitter within the agreed period, of the measures being taken.

5. Evaluation of the complaint handling
Once the process is completed, the complaints coordinator or the service employee contact the submitter to check whether they are satisfied with the resolution of the complaint.

6 Preventive measures
The person handling the complaint will, if applicable, take measures to prevent the repetition of the same type of complaint in the future.


If, on the other hand, you are satisfied with the services provided by 3W, then of course we would be delighted to hear it.


The link below leads you to the Self Service Portal (SSP). You will arrive on a https page that is accessible if you are logged in to a government workstation (at home or at the office). You are known to us within the portal. You can check this by clicking on your profile at the top right. In this way you know your data is treated confidentially.

SSP - Suggestion, complaint or compliment


You can submit your question by sending an e-mail to or by calling 070 - 348 4000.