Renting staff accomodation

The renting of staff accommodation occurs in-line with the rental policy.The Housing and Real Estate Worldwide Department (DHF) assesses lease contracts and can provide support with the drafting of lease agreements.

This information is intended for

This information is for expat staff and operational managers, working at a Dutch representation abroad.


The employer provides the deployed employees with staff housing on location. In most cases, staff accommodation is rented on the local market for the duration of the employee's deployment. Housing costs vary widely by definition, per country and per city. The individual employee cannot be held accountable for these differences. It has therefore been determined that the actual rental charges and costs for the use of local utilities will be borne by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, this does not mean that housing for employees abroad is free of charge. In accordance with the DBZV 2018, every month a percentage of the net salary is deducted from the foreign allowance.

Procedure staff accommodation

You can find all the information relevant to the rental of staff accommodation on the governmental portal (Rijksportaal) under page: Staff accommodation abroad.

If a suitable property is found within the rental standard, the post's operational manager (or housing officer) needs to send the draft lease contract, AirInc rental standard and the resident declaration ('Bewonersverklaring'), initialled and signed, via SSP to DHF for approval. Only after approval by DHF can this agreement be concluded.

Terms and conditions

Rental contracts for official residences are always made in accordance with local laws and regulations, and in the name of the State of the Netherlands, not in the name of the occupant. You can find examples of these, in many languages on the governmental portal (Rijksportaal).

The biggest concern is to avoid the possible tax evasion of the property owner/leaser. Read the 'Compulsory instruction: Integrity and lease contracts' on the governmental portal.

Processing time

The processing time depends on the size, complexity, local circumstances, etc. and differs per product or service.


SSP - Application for (mandatory) approval regarding staff accommodation


SSP- All questions on the rental of staff accommodation