Entertainment Allowance (Missions) Guidelines

The purpose of the entertainment allowance is to enable local employees at the missions and employees posted to the missions to build up and maintain an external network of contacts relevant to their role. Practical purpose and external orientation are the key concepts behind the entertainment allowance. It is an important instrument for supporting the ministry’s core tasks. It is not a fringe benefit.

The accounting rules for funds provided to cover entertainment costs must be strictly complied with. The public at large attach great importance to integrity with regard to government expenditure in this area.

The head of mission is responsible for the correct application of the entertainment allowance guidelines.

The head of mission may draw up a hospitality plan for the mission. The plan can include an indicative division of entertainment allowance funds between the mission’s different sections or employees, taking into account the way in which those sections or employees are expected to fulfil the mission’s core tasks. If standard amounts have been set, they can be included in the hospitality plan. Ideally, hospitality plans should be updated every year and made available to all employees
at the mission.


Entertainment Allowance (Missions) Guidelines